Fashion Uglies – The Worst Clothes and Accessories Ever Made

If you think Lady Gaga is a fashion shocker, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks to the modern Internet, I got to see some of the most vomit-inducing clothes, shoes, and accessories supposedly made for fashion.

lady gaga







Crocs and holiday sweaters aren’t the only worst things out there! Do you dare take a look at these horrible creations? Be my guest!

Horrible Hooves – Were these custom-made for Sarah Jessica Parker?

horrible hooves






Too much Toes – It’s sad that some people actually wear these.

too much toes










Hellish Heels – This is the perfect pair of shoes to wear when you want to scare off your blind date.

hellish heels








Ridiculous Ruffles – It looks ugly and itchy. I pity the model.

ridiculous ruffles










Freaky Eye – I spy with my little eye, a great waste of fabric and raw materials.

freaky eyefreaky eye2










Tentacle Fest – It doesn’t look good and it seems like it won’t end good.

tentacle fest










Barbie Skirt – If Toy Story was real, I think Woody and the gang will certainly freak out much like I did when I saw this.

barbie skirt








Got some fashion fail finds? Share them in the comments section! I’d like to see your finds!


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